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Well Trained Workers,
Serving among the Nations

To see hundreds of trained and fruitful workers serving among the nations, making thousands of disciples in God’s Kingdom for His glory


  • Sharpening the Skills and Service of Workers
  • To equip each participant to become reproducing witnesses among the nations
  • by providing spiritual discipleship and training in specialized skills

Core Values

Leading and Being Led by Convictions and Values

  • We desire to delight in the Lord at all times
  • We hold firmly to the Word of God
  • We believe God is active
  • We affirm the need to retreat from the busyness of life to be restored and refreshed
  • We partner with local and global leaders who are advancing God’s kingdom
  • We celebrate life, relationships and God’s diversity in all cultures
  • We embrace community life and teamwork
  • We strive for excellence in training methods and outcomes
  • We aim to “live” what we “teach”
  • We believe in cultivating a lifestyle of spiritual disciplines
  • We make disciples and train missionaries patterned after Jesus’ model in the Gospel of Matthew


  • To challenge Latin American churches to become full partners in fulfilling the Great Commission
  • To grow a deep passion and commitment among all participants for God’s mission
  • To disciple men and women who reflect God’s character in all areas of their lives
  • To guide each participant in discerning their gifts, call and place in God’s mission
  • To teach the participants to develop healthy and godly relationships in order to live in unity
  • To teach the participants how to culturally adapt in order to thrive in their host culture and with their multicultural team
  • To provide a place and orientation for rest, reflection, restoration and inspiration to continue on in God’s mission


  • To have each candidate participate in a multi-cultural team
  • To have frequent one-on-one meetings with each candidate to teach, encourage and evaluate
  • To work in partnership with local churches and non-church organizations to promote missions
  • To immerse each candidate into diverse ministries in Mexico, for intensive short term training
  • To offer introductory mission and training courses for lay leaders and missionary candidates
  • To provide accommodations with quiet and creative ambiance that encourages listening to God
  • To teach ESL and Spanish
  • To offer advanced courses with experiential training for missionary candidates on two specific topics
  • Successful Engagement of a New Culture
  • Managing Interpersonal and Multicultural Team Dynamics and Conflict


What we teach and how we train missionary candidates at MTC is primarily guided by Jesus’ example of discipling of the twelve in Matthew, which he summarized to His to His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

“Therefore go…”

Although the word “go” is not the key word in this verse, nor is it a command, we still find Jesus “going”, “moving”, “departing” about 48 times in the book of Matthew as He made disciples. “Going” implies movement toward people, looking for opportunties, making ourselves available for service to God, and not just “sitting” in a classroom discussing it. There will be lots of “going about” in MTC.

“…make disciples…”

To make disciples we first need to BE disciples. There will be ample opportunity to grow and become disciples, as we learn how to make disciples. Making disciples is a specific command and the strategy of how we do this is equally important. In MTC the participant will be trained to make disciples as Jesus did, as we study together the book of Matthew, receiving from the Master teacher himself – Jesus.

So at MTC, “becoming” and “making” disciples happens simultaneously. Jesus did this with His twelve, setting an example for us to follow in His steps, and do go and do likewise. “As the Father sent Me, so I send you” (John 21:20).

“…teaching them…”

To teach effectively, one needs certain skills and abilities. There will be some formal teaching to help guide the candidates in these key areas, but a majority of the teaching will be experiential – happening while each one participates in carefully designed ministries and exercises, under careful supervision.

Uniqueness of the Matthew Training Center Mexico

There are lots of opportunities to study about missions, but the uniqueness of the MTC is to be trained while on a mission field, immersed in another culture, and under careful and dedicated supervision of experienced missionaries. This is a valuable part of the missionary’s preparation which is hard to duplicate in academic institutions. At MTC we assume that each candidate will have had some missiological studies.


Ready to Go, be trained, and make disciples? Take a look at our training options.