Accrediting Colleges of Interns

1. Time distribution while on Internship

The focus of this internship is to test one’s calling and gifting for cross cultural ministry, and since most interns will have the academic training from their sending college, we are choosing to provide an experience in a cross cultural ministry setting, so a large percentage of their time will be invested doing ministry, possibly 80% with 20% given towards reading assignments, writing reports and mentoring. We can be flexible to work with each school’s requirements for their internship program.

2. Assignments

Reading/written assignments

  • MTC has a fairly extensive mission-based library from which the students can draw from, if required.
  • Trever, the MTC director, would be available to mark papers for the intern, however this would have to be a special agreement.

3. Supervisor’s Role

Trever will be very involved with each intern in everything from setting up their ministry assignment to weekly mentoring. For this reason we only accept a maximum of 3 interns. Joan Godard also teaches and does one on one mentoring with the ladies. MTC staff members Jen Schmidt and Sandra Plett are also involved in many different areas of the training program.

Evaluation reports will be written for your college on the experience and ministry of your intern – this will depend on how frequent you require them.

4. College Cost

MTC charges each intern $500.00 to organize and run the internship for each candidate. If the accrediting school is able to pay this amount from the tuition fee, then the student would benefit greatly; if not, then the student will have this additional cost.