Sometimes there is an option (depending on the training program), for a home-stay with a Mexican family (usually around 350.00/month for room and board).


There are coin laundry mats and in most cases, laundry can be done at your rental house.


Most people here use cell phones, buying time cards for about $10.00 per month for an average user. MTC owns several cell phones that are lent to MTC participants for their own personal use.


Public bus is about .50cents per trip. They are fairly reliable, although they tend to shut down around 9:30pm. Taxis are readily available – an average tariff would be about $5.00 for a 15 minute ride.


Sept-Oct is very mild (daytime 25-30 degrees) with some rain showers. Nov-January it stays around 20 degrees celcius at daytime and drops to 5-10 degrees in evenings and night (no rain). Feb-June it starts warming up with April and May being the hottest month with 35 degree temperatures. Evenings are quite pleasant during this time. Rain starts in June and ends in Oct.


Mexican food is very tasty, spicy and lots of variety. MTC meals are a mixture of ethnic and North American menus.


Normally we don’t need too many rules with the maturity of our participants, but for singles we ask for them to not start any new romantic relationships during the course of the program.

GDL – Guadalajara

A city of 6-7 million people, fairly well organized and for the most part it is quite safe.

Married couples

We welcome couples, even with children although this may cause more logistical complications. We would deal with each family separately in determining if we can make it work for you, depending on your needs and desires.


MTC operates out of a new property (purchased February 2013). There is green space, a soccer field as well as a multipurpose sports court. This property is about 25 minutes from Guadalajara.


Internet is readily available through cyber cafes, Starbucks and at Jen & Sandra’s residence in Guadalajara. Currently there is no WIFI at MTC.


A free tourist visa is given upon entry for six months for North Americans. Depending on your country, you may have to apply in advance for a tourist visa with a minimal fee. Upon completion of six months, one is required to depart the country and upon re-entry another visa is given. Those not from North American would have to return to your home country to reapply for a second tourist visa.