Hadime Interns – Internship Training Program

Next Training: January 20 to July 1  (including language training)



Well trained workers, serving among the nations


Our goal is to see hundreds of trained and fruitful workers serving among the nations, making thousands of disciples in God’s Kingdom for His glory.


In MTC’s internship program, you will have an opportunity to test your interests, gifts, and passion for life and work in a cross cultural setting, through a variety of experiences, while being discipled by mature missionaries and trainers.


High school diploma, 20 years of age, finances to cover costs, recommendation from school/church.


The program is designed for approximately 10-15 participants from a variety of nations.


Nov 1, 2019 – Jan 10, 2020 Language School
Jan 12, 2020 – July 4, 2020 HADIME INTERNS training

Community life

Each person will participate on a multi-cultural team of North American and Latino interns for discipleship, training and the experiential practicum.

Experiential Training

MTC provides various opportunities to participate in Kingdom ministry, in order to help the intern discover that we belong to a global family that reaches beyond ourselves (i.e. local mission trips, ministry in the local church, social ministries, participation in city wide events, and recreational and cultural outings).

Time Commitment

We believe that a minimum of six months is necessary to learn these principles and to be evaluated on whether you have the gifts, calling and commitment to go into cross cultural mission, or to discern your own calling and ministry. This particular program begins in early November with language school and finishes at the end of July.


(An estimate – final costs will be determined prior to your arrival in Mexico)

Internship Training Fee *** only applied for those wanting an internship for college credit $500
Language School (1 Session of 11 weeks) $800
Host family while in language school (3 months Nov-Jan) $1,000
Internship Training and living expenses (lodging, food, transportation) (Feb to July = 6 months)) $3,100
Visa (trip to border to renew visa – you receive 180 days on arrival) $300

(Flights to Mexico not included)

Outcomes of the HADIME INTERNS Program

  1. Acquire an advanced level of discipleship in order to understand the issues involved in totally following Jesus in a world opposed to him.
  2. Acquire an advanced level of biblical and mission theology in order to understand the issues involved in ministering to people without the gospel.
  3. Acquire a medium level of cross cultural experience to be able to understand the issues involved in order to live with people of a different cultural background without offending them.
  4. Acquire a medium level of skill and character in order to function appropriately in a team setting.
  5. Acquire a basic level of leadership skill and giftedness in order to know how to initiate and co-lead cross-cultural ministries.
  6. Acquire a medium knowledge of one’s giftedness and ministry passions.


Three Stages:

  1. Language Acquisition and Cultural Bonding
  2. Internship Training – Classroom and Experiential Preparation
  3. Short Term Mission Outreach (optional)

Nov 1 (2019) – Jan 10 (2020) – Language Acquisition and Cultural Bonding

All non-Spanish speaking interns will take classes in our Spanish school for eleven weeks.  During this time they will live with a Mexican host family in order to better learn the language and bond with the Mexican culture.

The following would be a typical schedule during language school

Monday-Friday 9:00 – 1:00 Spanish Classes
1:00 – 4:00 Bus home, lunch, rest
4:00 – 6:00 Spanish Homework
6:00 – 8:00 Break
8:00 – 10:00 Homework (Life learner, internship, Spanish)
Saturday 9:00 – 1:00 Explore GDL
1:00 – 4:00 Return home, each lunch, rest6:00-8:00 Church ministries
Sunday 9:00 – 1:00 Church life

SECOND STAGE – (Internship Training – Classroom and Experiential)
Jan 12, 2020-July 4, 2020

These are six months of classroom teaching and ministries where the intern will put what they are learning into practice.  During this time the participant will learn about God and His mission, their call, their gifts and passions, and have opportunities to experience different types of ministries in the mission field.

THIRD STAGE – Field Practicum (Optional with additional cost)
Jul 5 – Dec 15, 2020

The short term mission outreach with discipleship is optional if the intern wants more experience, testing their gifts on the mission field.  Some options could include working in a rural community, among the indigenous, planting churches, etc.


Can include, but are not limited to:

– Cross Cultural Acculturation                             – God and His Mission

– Evangelism and Discipleship                             – Adaptation to Indigenous Culture

– Church Planting                                                    – Spiritual Gifts

– Multicultural Teamwork                                     – Spiritual Formation

– Languages (Spanish/English)


Can include, but are not limited to:

– Time in an Indigenous Village                            – Outreach in a local Community

– Ministry in the local Church                                – Missions Festival

– SOAR (short term missions in GDL)                  – HADIME JR (missions with adolescent youth


  1. The method provides the opportunity to learn by doing while immersed in a new setting
  2. Teaching and personal evaluation will be offered during this time by the MTC staff


Monday – Friday

7:30-8:30  Personal Devotions

8:30-9:30 Group Devotions, worship, prayer

9:30-10 Breakfast

10-12  Teaching

12 – 12:30 Break/Snack

12:30-2:30 Teaching

2:30-3:30  Lunch

3:30 – 4 Clean Up

4-7 Homework, work duties, personal discipleship

7-8 Prayer Meeting (Tuesdays only)

8 Supper


Saturday Ministry Options in Local ChurchRest
Sunday Ministry Options in Local ChurchRest

Directors and Staff

Trever and Joan Godard

The Directors of Matthew Training Center

Sandra Plett

Co-Director of HADIME Interns

Jennifer Schmidt

Co-Director of HADIME Interns

Program Base Location: The Matthew Training Center is located 30 minutes outside of Guadalajara, MX