HADIME Missionaries – 1 Year Missionary Training Program

Next Training: November 1 2019 – December 15, 2020 (Including Language Training)

This program is a holistic training of the missionary candidate.

The curriculum includes personal discipleship, mission academic courses, and field experience where the student will acquire skills and knowledge to be an effective long term worker, serving the Lord and his kingdom.


To be a disciple of Christ and to disciple others

The life of a Christ-disciple is to be reproductive and consists in following Jesus and teaching others to follow him. Spiritual maturity, development of their spiritual gifts, knowledge of the Word of God and its application in a cross cultural setting is the focus and outcome of being a true disciple of Jesus.


Identity in Christ

The identity in Christ correctly understood and lived is a decisive factor in the life of a long term fruitful cross cultural missionary. Identity in Christ consists of holistic health – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and interpersonal relationships.


Comprehension and execution of the missionary task

To be effective and to fulfill the missionary call, one must understand and know how to accomplish it. Ethnic studies and cultural keys along with being able to adapt and engage a culture with sensitivity are necessary for success and effectiveness.


Team life to meet common goals.

The world recognises a true disciple of Jesus by their love of God manifested in their love for others. One reason for missionary attrition is the lack of understanding for each other on a missionary team. To reach common goals to make disciples of all the nations, it is essential to acquire the tools to work together in a team setting.

The Primary Training Focus

Character and skill development for cross cultural ministry with an outcome of being able to thrive in a new culture and to work with efficiency on a multicultural team.

Pre-requisites for Entrance

The participant should have:

  • A specific call and commitment to serve in cross cultural missions
  • Ministerial experience
  • High school diploma
  • Theological and Biblical studies
  • Pastoral recommendation
  • Local church support
  • Pay program fees

Dates and Cost

Language Acquisition + HADIME Missionary Training Phase I

Phase of Training Dates Cost($USD)
Language Acquisition (Spanish) Nov 1, 2019 – Jan 10, 2020 $1,600-$1,800
Eleven weeks of Spanish instruction, and a Mexican Home-stay (room, board), and transportation – (The variable factor is housing in a Mexican home due to the wide range of prices depending on location and comfort level.)
HADIME – Missionary Training Phase I Jan 12 – July 4, 2020 (25 wks) $3,100
Six month training–includes lodging in MTC dorm, food, local transportation & training costs
TOTAL COST (LANGUAGE AND PHASE I TRAINING, Flights-estimate)  Total of 9 months $5,800

Additional Information for Phase I

The following Costs are not included:

  • Travel to border to renew visa ~$300.00 (Upon arrival a six-month visa is usually issued)
  • Air Fare to/from Guadalajara, MX
  • Medical needs
  • Personal items

Immersion, Practicum + Hadime Missionary Training Phase II

Phase of Training Dates Cost($USD)
Immersion/Practicum/Internship July 5 – Dec 15, 2020  $TBA
Approximately a four month field experience based on the student’s choice (cost will depend on where/how long, etc.).

Additional Information for Phase II

  • Additional costs – same as above
  • No language school necessary if it was taken before the first phase



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Weekly training will include the following five parts:


  1. Academic studies (Formal)
  2. Experiential (Non-formal) – Several hours per week are given to guided and evaluated experiential learning through participation in local ministries, where character and skills are developed.
  3. Community (Non-formal) – Open discussions using actual experiences from daily ministries, guided case studies, and programmed dialogues, debates and interviews with people from diverse ethnic, religious and professional backgrounds.
  4. Personal Discipleship – (Informal) A time to be mentored by an experienced missionary.
  5. Intimacy with God – Guided and personal time to draw close to the Creator.


The formal instruction consists of lectures, videos, and group dynamics on several topics, benefiting from a wide variety of both local and international instructors. Assignments consist of book reports, essays, group projects and practical implementation of theories in the experiential ministry settings.




A. Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

B. Word (Know the Word, Live the Word)


A. Word

i. Teach the Word – Model, Contextualization

ii. Defend the Word (Apologetics)

a. Truth (Discern and Defend)

B. Relationships

i. Church – Community

ii. Team – Conflict

C. Culture

i. Values

ii. Beliefs

iii. Adaptation Principles

a. Culture Shock

D. Mission of God

i. Salvation

ii. Justice, Righteousness, Shalom

iii. Spiritual Warfare and Authority

iv. Disciple making and Evangelism (Church Planting)

v. Confronting other beliefs

E. Oneself (Love your neighbor as yourself)

i. Spiritual Gifts (Identify, Develop)

F. Vocational Work Skills

G. Language (Spanish or English)


A program for full time missionary candidates

Focusing on two major reasons for missionary attrition

  1. Unsuccessful engagement of the culture
  2. Interpersonal conflict on multicultural teams

Research reveals that consequences from poor cultural adjustment in the first year can haunt one for years to come. A positive, well-informed entry to the culture is crucial for long lasting effective ministry. One will never fully understand the host culture from pre-field training but it should provide principles to point one in the right direction for cultural appreciation.

If you come to the Matthew Training Center in Guadalajara, Mexico, you will learn how to overcome the devastating obstacles for missionary attrition and receive personal discipleship by experienced missionaries.

You will be taught principles for how to survive and thrive in a different culture and how to live harmoniously in a multi-cultural team – respecting and learning from different ethnic peoples, which will greatly enhance your effectiveness for the Kingdom and keep you going for the long haul. These cross cultural principles that you will learn at MTC will be transferable to other cultures, be it a rural setting in Mexico or an urban setting in the 10/40 window.

MTC training is both classroom and experiential. It is designed to train both Latino and North American missionaries for cross cultural ministry to the nations.

Directors and Staff

Trever and Joan Godard

The Directors of Matthew Training Center

Sandra Plett

Co-Director of HADIME Interns

Jennifer Schmidt

Co-Director of HADIME Interns

Program Base Location: The Matthew Training Center is located 30 minutes outside of Guadalajara, MX