Open Letter of Invitation from MTC

To Latino and North American missionaries and interested College interns, and all others wanting preparation for cross cultural service, I greet you in the Name of the Lord of the harvest, Jesus Christ.

Have you felt God nudging you to go to the nations and make disciples for His kingdom – a kingdom that will never be destroyed – a kingdom that will crush all other kingdoms and will itself endure forever (Daniel 2:44)? Isn’t that an exciting invitation? The Matthew Training Center in Mexico (MTC) is ready to serve and train you.

Below are some reasons why you might want to join us:

– to train under experienced missionaries while on a mission field – in another culture

– to de discipled, trained and supervised in a caring environment to gain the tools to discern if you have the calling and gift-set to be cross cultural missionaries.

The Matthew Training Center In Mexico may be exactly what you need.

If you are a follower of Jesus and sense a call to work with Him among the nations, have a good command of English, a beginner knowledge of Spanish or desire to learn it, and are willing to be stretched and challenged by “on-the-job-training”, then this program might be the “next step” for you. Whether your call is to take the Gospel to your own people or to go “to the ends of the earth” you will have the opportunity to become better prepared at MTC – to live a life worthy of your calling.

MTC offers you two primary training programs, for full time missionaries and College students who need a cross cultural internship. Each of these programs provides classroom teaching with hands-on practicums in diverse settings in and around Guadalajara, Mexico. We have networks with several churches, mission agencies and social programs, from the poor to the wealthy, from rural to urban settings settings, and from Hispanic to Indigenous peoples. You will also be involved in a multi-cultural team setting so you will have opportunities to learn how to function in a team and how to respect people with different worldviews and customs. All this is combined with regular one-on-one meetings with your supervisor for debrief, evaluation and reflection. We will walk with you to discern your next step of training or full time ministry location. The knowledge and experience gained from this training will be transferable to other cultures.

In summary this is what you will receive at MTC:

  1. You will experience cross cultural living and ministry while being trained and supervised by local pastors, church leaders and MTC Staff.
  2. Mexico has over 200 people groups (many still unreached), and only 1-3% evangelicals in Guadalajara – you will be engaged in outreach to some of these lost people groups, even within the city.
  3. You will be taught and mentored by missionaries who have experienced what it means to minister cross culturally.

I invite you to carefully read the information on our Web site to consider if God is leading you to join us in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Training you for the nations

Trever and Joanne Godard
MTC Directors, Guadalajara, Mexico